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A trusted advisor and solutions provider

We work with leading corporates and the best project partners to reduce carbon emissions, improve health and livelihoods and restore a thriving planet. Though we don't do it for accolades - we're delighted to share our industry awards and a few project success stories.


"Our partnership with Climate Impact Partners allowed us to take full responsibility for our carbon emissions, while delivering solid, quantifiable social outcomes. It has helped us demonstrate our sustainability to staff and stakeholders and inspired us to make ambitious plans to develop our own projects with Climate Impact Partners."

- Zelda Bentham, Group Head of Sustainability, Aviva

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"Sustainability is about more than carbon reductions. The revolving fund is allowing the project to reach further than would be possible through direct giving, extending the positive impacts to more households over a much longer period of time, in addition to more carbon reductions. Climate Impact Partners is delivering a truly sustainable project. The team exceeded expectations by helping us to engage some of our employees with the project too."

- Caroline Ray ARUP, IKMEA Sustainability Leader

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Government of Norway

"Norway has made bold commitments to cutting its carbon footprint, in line with our own ambitions and the goals of the Paris Agreement. We know we can rely on Climate Impact Partners to recommend high quality CDM-compliant climate and development projects that will accelerate our journey towards climate neutrality."

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