Our People

ENGLISH - We are a global team of the most experienced experts in our industry

Credentials and awards aside, you’ll work with interesting, collaborative, experienced people all over the world – and we’re fun too.

From California to Colombia, Brazil to Bordeaux and many points in between we are all motivated by the same goal—to reduce 1 billion tonnes of carbon emission by 2030.

Our Management Team

Eugene Doyle

Chief Financial Officer

Eugene Doyle

Chief Financial Officer

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Erika Anderson

General Counsel

Erika Anderson

General Counsel

Erika leads the legal work across our group and provides strategic advice on regulatory issues and corporate affairs. She has deep experience in compliance and voluntary carbon markets and project development.

Meet some of our global team

Sherah Beckley

“Being able to make a tangible difference in the world and communities around us, has always been a driver for me which is why I love working at Climate Impact Partners. Every day, I get to work with ambitious market leaders, providing tailored solutions to how they can take accountability and have an immediate positive impact on the climate crisis.”

Client Solutions Manager

Miguel Sossa

“My parents’ career advice: Find an issue you are passionate about. Find a city you love and where you can address it. Find a company that cares as much about its employees and the community it serves as the issue(s) you are fighting for. So, living in Portland and tackling climate change with inspiring colleagues and clients. Thanks Mom and Dad!”

Vice President, Western Region

Jonathan Shopley

“I cannot think of a more meaningful issue to put at the center of my career than business’s response to climate and biodiversity … or a more thoughtful, committed, and fun group of fellow travellers than my colleagues in Climate Impact Partners as we work together with organizations committed to action.”

Managing Director, External Affairs

Valerie Morgan

“I joined Climate Impact Partners’ as I was drawn to their ethos in delivering impact at scale through climate finance. Since joining, I have been blown away by the people at the company – not only by the quality of expertise, but also a shared ambition to make real change."

Head of NBS Technical, Project Development

Eduardo Ferreira

“I am happy to work at Climate Impact Partners for three reasons: 1) it is a business leader with long term experience and trust from clients and partners; 2) it promotes innovation while not giving up integrity; and 3) its people, scattered around the world are driven by the same passion and ambition in tackling climate change.”

Managing Director, Latin America

Lilian Kagume

"Climate Impact Partners has a customer-focused work culture, which is important for the business. This culture cannot thrive without a dedicated and orchestrated team. I can attest that Climate Impact Partners is composed of individuals with great personalities that fit the company’s culture. Every employee’s role, personality, and talent matter and it’s for this reason I feel valued, satisfied, and fulfilled working with the company."

Carbon Asset Developer

Making real change possible

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