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Carbon emission reduction projects

As more corporates set ambitious climate targets, there is growing demand from our clients for new carbon reduction projects around the world.

In order to tap into this demand, our project partners must negotiate complex processes and ensure they are able to deliver the robust climate and sustainable development outcomes the market demands.

Climate Impact Partners helped form the voluntary carbon market and the standards by which it operates. We have over 20 years of experience delivering positive impact on climate, environment, and society through a network of leading projects across the globe.

We guide our selected project implementation partners from feasibility stage to carbon credit issuance and beyond. They also benefit from our market access to some of the world’s leading organizations and investors. These valuable connections can financially support carbon projects from concept, right through to the verification and sale of carbon credits. 

Delivering high-impact projects at scale

  • Projects benefit from the support of a trusted partner providing technical expertise, finance, access to our global corporate client base, and sector insight.
  • From corporates and investors to governments, our clients benefit from a long-term partnership, delivering their carbon neutral and net zero ambitions.

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Access to corporate demand

Climate Impact Partners is a leading project developer and provider of high-quality voluntary carbon market credits. We have financed over 100 million tonnes of CO2 reduction and work with over 500 leading corporates across the globe. Some of the largest corporate offsetting schemes in the world are run by us and our enviable 96% client retention rate speaks for itself. Last year, we retired one in every 10 credits in the voluntary carbon market (VCM). 

With Climate Impact Partners by their side, our clients secure long-term offsetting positions through structured investments in projects from development stage through to credit issuance. Our global sales team have built lasting partnerships with our clients and help deliver some of the most ambitious carbon neutral and net zero programs in the world. The team’s intimate understanding of what our corporate clients need allows us to help them make increasingly high-value, long-term commitments to our projects.

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We work with leading organizations across the globe.

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Access to finance

Climate Impact Partners brings financing to development projects, from the earliest feasibility stage through the life of the project, in return for verified carbon credits. Our relationships with corporate clients and investors allow us to structure development financing that meets the needs of the project from start to finish, leaving project partners to focus on what they do best – running on-the-ground activities and delivering impacts.

Access to technical expertise

Climate Impact Partners advises and supports project developers around the world, but we’re also award-winning project developers ourselves, with a well-established project development office in Nairobi. We work with all the high-integrity voluntary carbon standards and participate in the technical advisory groups of many. Climate Impact Partners understand what it takes to develop and deliver a high-quality carbon project.

Support from feasibility to issuance and beyond

Our partners can be confident that we will provide the technical expertise needed across any or every part of the project lifetime – from design, evaluation of project potential, and qualification to implementation and issuance. Our carbon asset development (CAD) experts guide project partners through the qualification, design, and implementation stages, navigating the complex process and paperwork to register a high-quality carbon emission reduction project. Financial assistance can be arranged, not only to get the project running but also to ensure a sustainable income throughout its lifetime. Once a project has been verified by an international standard, we can provide commercial assistance, giving access to client demand and taking care of the registries and retirement.

Methodology development

If an appropriate project methodology doesn’t already exist, and a project activity is demonstrably reducing emissions, there is the option to develop a new methodology and register it with the standards.

The international approval process often takes up to two or three years, but it can open up access to carbon finance for new project categories. This is a complex but rewarding process and a partner with experience and expertise in writing carbon methodologies and taking them through to approval is essential.

Climate Impact Partners lead authored the Gold Standard methodology that first allowed carbon finance for clean cooking and adapted this for safe water projects. We have recently developed a new Gold Standard methodology for electrical and metered cooking appliances, and we are at the forefront of applying new standard approaches, such as the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta) for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Work with governments

Climate Impact Partners has hands-on experience helping governments to meet their climate ambitions. For example, we advised the Kenyan Government on its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) submission. We negotiate internationally-traded government-to-government credits and have secured government agreements in Africa, for the recognition of voluntary projects. This can help us bring together public and private sector finance for project development or expansion.

Access to voluntary carbon market expertise

Working with Climate Impact Partners will give your organization access to key market insights built over 20 years as industry leaders. We are a founding member of the voluntary carbon market’s industry association, ICROA, and we sit on a number of advisory committees. These include Mark Carney’s Taskforce on Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market, the Gold Standard’s Energy Advisory Board, and the Project Developers’ Forum. These give us insight into the markets now and as they evolve.


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