Nature-based solutions

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These projects protect and enhance biodiversity to ensure our planet thrives. They avoid and reduce emissions through nature conservation and remove emissions through nature restoration.

Our projects are concentrated where nature-based solutions are most impactful, restoring degraded lands and conserving irrecoverable stores of carbon like tropical rainforests.

We conduct a detailed evaluation of the additional benefits to households, communities and biodiversity from projects, to understand their alignment with specific targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The graphics below demonstrate the SDGs most commonly supported by a project type based on a representative sample of our projects.

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Nature-based solutions protect biodiversity and enhance the natural environment's ability to store carbon and mitigate climate change.

See some examples of our nature-based solutions projects:

REDD+ in Indonesia

This project is the first carbon finance project to verify its contribution to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals by focusing on both community development and biodiversity conservation in a carbon-dense tropical peat swamp that was originally slated for conversion to palm oil plantations.

Afforestation in Guatemala

This project delivers carbon removals by planting new forests on degraded farmlands in Guatemala. Carbon finance enables sustainable rubber tree plantations to be an economically viable alternative to clear cutting forest land for cattle grazing or intensive crops like sugarcane.

Reforestation in East Africa

This project organizes hundreds of small tree planting groups on lands owned by smallholder farmers to protect against soil erosion, improve land quality and produce fruit and nuts for additional income. Participants are trained in tree monitoring technology and are paid for surviving trees.

All the carbon finance projects we support are independently validated and verified in line with recognized global standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard, the American Carbon Registry (ACR) and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR). 

Many nature-based solutions projects are also recognized under Verra's Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) standard.

As founding members of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), we are closely involved with industry groups to evolve and develop standards and approaches for greater impact.

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Delivering towards the Global Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Supporting our projects delivers on multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can read more on the Goals below.

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