Launching the annual update to The CarbonNeutral Protocol

Last Updated 28 April 2022

The latest annual update of The CarbonNeutral Protocol is released today, adapting the framework to highlight the ways in which certification supports net zero ambitions and to respond to changes in working practices caused by Covid-19 and the rise of the circular economy.

The pace of change in the world of sustainability is fast – perhaps reflecting that of the wider world right now. In that world of flux, The CarbonNeutral Protocol adapts every year to evolve CarbonNeutral certification and ensure it continues to offer companies a blueprint for rigorous climate action that is fit for the times.

One key revision to bring the Protocol into its 20th year responded to the rise of net zero targets, placing greater emphasis on the ways that carbon neutral programmes support the transition towards net zero and the global transformation of our economy.

Another revision adapts to the new working practices in many companies as a result of Covid-19, ensuring that companies are responsible for the home-working emissions its employees will emit.

A third key revision introduced a new product-as-a-service certification in response to the growth of ‘as-a-service’ business models, driven by the rise of the circular economy.

“In this critical decade for the climate, actions speak much louder than words”, says Jonathan Shopley, Natural Capital Partners’ Managing Director for External Affairs:

“Through the CarbonNeutral Protocol, companies have a pragmatic, quality framework to take action now, delivering finance to low-carbon projects which are available today and providing one of the solutions to that million-dollar question: how do we work today towards achieving net zero emissions by mid-century?”

Saskia Feast, Natural Capital Partners’ Managing Director, Global Client Solutions, commented: “This year has seen companies including HP, Kaiser Permanente, Lime and Oliver Wyman join the likes of Logitech, Bain & Co and Yorkshire Tea in certifying their companies and/or products. We’re delighted that the Protocol continues to facilitate corporate climate action to happen around the world.”