British Land delivers net zero carbon building

Last Updated 28 April 2022

Natural Capital Partners is working with British Land to supply a portfolio of natural climate solution offset projects to remove the carbon emissions which cannot be abated.

British Land has completed the offset of residual embodied carbon at its 100 Liverpool Street, London building – making it the company’s first net zero carbon building and one of very few in London.

In line with the company's 2030 commitments, all future developments will be net zero carbon at completion.

Nigel Webb, Head of Developments at British Land, said: “We are thrilled with what we’ve achieved at 100 Liverpool Street, which serves as a blueprint for future sustainable development at British Land. We will never eliminate all carbon in development but, with the right schemes, we can balance our emissions by supporting projects which truly absorb carbon from the atmosphere and have a positive local impact.”

Saskia Feast, Managing Director Global Client Solutions at Natural Capital Partners, said: “We are delighted to work with British Land as it demonstrates the critical role that business must play in achieving a net zero transformation across the world. In this critical decade of climate action, we need to use all the solutions available to deliver the change we need. British Land’s offset strategy is a showcase for going beyond business as usual and committing to making that change.”