Gyapa Efficient Cookstoves, Ghana

Type: Health and Livelihoods | Clean Cooking
Region: Africa
Standard: Gold Standard

Nearly 3 billion people in the developing world cook food and heat their homes with traditional cookstoves or open fires. The World Bank estimates 4 million premature deaths occur every year as a result. In Ghana, more than 80% of the population use solid fuels for cooking. 

This project introduces families in Ghana to an efficient cookstove, the Gyapa, that cooks food more quickly, requires nearly 50% less fuel and is less smoky. The stove not only cuts carbon emissions, but also reduces exposure to toxic fumes. Reducing the amount of wood used for cooking saves families as much as $100 dollars annually, while protecting Ghana’s tree cover, which has decreased 19% since 2000 according to Global Forest Watch. The project provides training to local metalworkers and ceramists to manufacture Gyapa stoves and distributes through a wide network of local retailers.

In addition to delivering emissions reductions to take climate action (SDG 13), the project delivers additional benefits. The SDG contributions have been indicatively measured, and need to be confirmed:

  • No Poverty: Gyapa stoves have saved families more than $165 million on fuel bills.
  • Good Health and Well-being: The stoves reduce exposure to harmful air pollutants.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: Gyapa stoves are manufactured locally by over 180 skilled ceramists and metalworkers and distributed by a network of over 600 retailers.

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