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Since 2012, when it first announced it would be carbon neutral, we have been Microsoft’s offset partner—and supplied a portion of its renewable energy certificates too.

Over that time, we’ve delivered a portfolio of more than 50 carbon offset projects in 30 countries designed to align with Microsoft’s business priorities, plus Energy Attribute Certificates from 16 countries. 

We’ve developed reforestation projects in Ireland and the Netherlands where Microsoft has large data center operations, and developed a forest carbon program to conserve high-value forests near Microsoft’s Redmond, WA headquarters. 

We have worked with Microsoft as it extended its focus into removals, supplying projects to meet that goal.

But our partnership approach means we go beyond the supply of a portfolio of projects of the highest quality. 

Through strategic reviews, updates on market and policy developments, providing PR opportunities, supporting Microsoft’s country teams on local engagement, and creating content for blogs and news stories, we ensure Microsoft’s climate leadership has continually evolved, gaining it recognition from the UN as Momentum for Change award winner.

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