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CHEP has over 50 years’ experience in reducing, reusing and recycling resources, making its business model inherently sustainable. With increasing customer focus on reducing the environmental footprint of their products, CHEP responded with a CarbonNeutral® pallet service. 

This enables CHEP’s customers to reduce the residual emissions associated with their pallet movements to net zero, delivering an immediate and cost-effective way for customers to compensate entirely for the carbon footprint of the pallets used across their supply chain.

“With the carbon neutral half pallet, CHEP helps customers embed sustainability throughout their supply chain. This certified CarbonNeutral® product demonstrates the action businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment. We are pleased to see a practical, groundbreaking solution that helps companies move closer to circular, more resilient supply chains.”
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Our goal is to deliver 1 billion tonnes of emissions reductions by 2030

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