Partnering with Salesforce for 100 Million Trees

Publié 1 octobre 2020

Natural Capital Partners has been selected by Salesforce as project partner for its 100 Million trees commitment.

Through mangrove restoration in Kenya and woodland creation in Scotland, we will plant more than 127,000 trees towards the target.

In Kenya more than 80% of mangroves have disappeared. If they are conserved and restored they are a highly productive natural carbon sink, storing up to four times more carbon than a tropical rainforest. They also protect coastal communities from storm surges and provide a vital habitat for fish nurseries. We are working with two community groups in Kenya to restore the mangroves on the southern coastline.

The United Kingdom is one of the least forested countries in Europe with only 13% forest cover. Through two projects in Scotland we will reforest marginal farmland with locally selected indigenous trees, improving local biodiversity and flood control and creating a natural carbon sink. The projects will be delivered in accordance with the Woodland Carbon Code meaning that they must be independently measured and audited.

Salesforce will track the progress of its project partners through a digital tree tracker that has been developed in partnership with Plant for the Planet.

Our Goal is to deliver 1 billion tonnes of emissions reductions by 2030

46 million  lives improved

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