Nestlé Waters North America beverage delivery arm

Publié 12 février 2020

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. (NWNA) has announced that its ReadyRefresh® by Nestlé® direct-to-consumer beverage delivery service has achieved carbon neutrality and earned the CarbonNeutral® company certification for the year 2020, in accordance with the CarbonNeutral Protocol, a global standard for carbon neutral programmes.

ReadyRefresh provides convenient access to a variety of leading healthy beverage brands with an easy-to-shop website and flexible delivery options in the U.S.

This achievement builds on ReadyRefresh’s continuous journey to reduce its environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions through multiple initiatives, including:

  • Fleet improvements. ReadyRefresh is on track to convert 50% of its beverage delivery trucks to propane this year and has started to add electric vehicles to its last-mile fleet.
  • Route optimisation. ReadyRefresh has implemented dynamic routing to meet evolving customer needs. This led to a reduction in customer delivery miles by 600,000 in 2019.
  • Road to rail. ReadyRefresh ships water dispensers to be cleaned and redeployed for use from the West to the East coast by train, instead of by truck. Each month, transporting by train saves approximately 100 tons of carbon, compared to travelling by truck.
  • Renewable energy. All ReadyRefresh branches in Texas use 100% renewable electricity purchased through a power purchase agreement, except for one where the option is unavailable. The renewable electricity helps reduce emissions by 397 tons per year. ReadyRefresh is exploring options to expand its use of renewable electricity to its 11 branches in Florida and Pennsylvania in 2020.

As a direct-to-consumer beverage delivery service with more than 7,000 deliveries every working hour, we are committed to making our operations as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, while listening to our customers and serving the communities, states and regions in which we operate” ,said Henrik Jelert, Executive Vice President, ReadyRefresh. “This achievement marks an important step in our journey to grow the ReadyRefresh service through agile adaptation to ever-evolving customer needs, operational efficiency and longstanding sustainability efforts that help to minimise our environmental footprint.” ​

To address the remaining emissions after the above initiatives and to drive immediate progress on reducing its carbon footprint, ReadyRefresh worked with Natural Capital Partners to purchase carbon offsets in the regions, states and communities where it operates, enabling it to be certified as CarbonNeutral in 2020. As part of its commitment to minimising its carbon footprint, ReadyRefresh will continue to further reduce absolute emissions through additional carbon footprint reduction activities and explore insetting projects within the land and forest areas owned and managed by the company.

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