Delivering Results for Clients, People, and Planet

Last Updated 28 avril 2022

In May 2021, ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners merged to become Climate Impact Partners, a world-leading voluntary carbon market group. With more than 500 clients globally, the combined organisation enables businesses to achieve ambitious climate goals, including carbon neutrality, net zero, and renewable energy targets.

Working with our industry-leading clients and high-impact project partners, Climate Impact Partners, formerly ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners, has cut 100 million tonnes of CO2. It would take a forest bigger than the entire state of California, or twice the size of the UK, to sequester that volume of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our results to date are an indication of the combined potential to accelerate climate action and the transition to a net zero global economy, harnessing the power of business to build a more sustainable world. With a global client list who are raising ambition on climate action, and an inspiring network of project partners, we are able to deliver on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and create benefits to advance natural climate solutions, health and livelihoods and sustainable infrastructure. Collectively, by supporting over 600 projects that reduce and remove emissions across 56 countries, we have improved more than 46 million lives1 and delivered over $66 billion of value2 for people and the planet, including:

  • 10 million MWh of clean energy
  • $542 million annual saving on fuel bills
  • 3.5 billion hours of productive time saved
  • 8.3 billion litres of safe water provided

We are committed to working with our clients and project partners to drive even more progress keep global warming below 2°C—and ideally 1.5°C—in line with the Paris Agreement. Experts are calling on the voluntary carbon market to grow by at least 15 times to enable the global transition to net zero.

With the combined capabilities of ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners, our high-quality, high-impact project partners and our visionary clients, Climate Impact Partners is rising to the challenge. Together, we can deliver one billion tonnes of carbon reductions by 2030.

1Using the Business for Societal Impact (formerly known as LBG) methodology.

2Calculated by applying value/tonne of CO2 figures from Imperial College London and ICROA.

Download our joint impact report below to learn more about our successes and vision for the future.